Farm Stays at the Stonehaven Family Farm


The Stonehaven Farm is the realization of my lifelong dream of returning to my farming roots and living in peace and harmony with nature and animals.

I was raised on a large coastal farm; all the family worked closely together taking care of sheep, Welsh ponies, and chickens and growing a range of crops.  To me, the farming experience remains priceless: being present when animals are born, watching mother sheep nudge their lambs into the right position to suckle, seeing lambs racing around and jumping in the air just for the fun of it or a duck covering its ducklings with its wings to keep them warm.

Stonehaven Farm is in Westport, Massachusetts, a town historically centered on agriculture and fishing.

The farm is small. We have flocks of 20 sheep, 35 chickens, and 10 ducks. Each in their season, newborn lambs, chicks, and ducklings vie for the award as the cutest, cuddliest farm animal. The garden and orchard provide vegetables, berries, and fruit, and rolling fields overlook the Westport River.


Guest accommodations include a large suite with cathedral ceiling in the bedroom, a small balcony overlooking the river, and a new bath with jacuzzi tub.  Children may stay either in the main suite or in a smaller guest room down the hall. Farm breakfasts are included in the room rate.

housestonehaven farm accommodations



Animal chores (feeding, watering, cleaning barns, moving sheep) are done after breakfast and before dinner.  Eggs are collected and boxed in the afternoon. Gardening (weeding, planting, and picking) can be done any time of day.  After work, large chunks of time are still available for you to visit and enjoy all the wonderful attractions of this beautiful area.